Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Operation: American Spring - A Different Take

In recent weeks there has been talk about something called "Operation: American Spring". If this is something you are unfamiliar with allow me to shed some light. Currently it serves as one more demonstration with the intent to descend on Washington DC and hold the politicians accountable for the state of our nation. The Facebook event to Operation American Spring gives a great description of it as follows:

"Restoration of Constitutionally limited government by RESTORING our Ninth and Tenth Amendment laws to full force and affect upon Both Houses of Congress and the Executive branch, OUR Bill of Rights, OUR Declaration of Independence, and the balance of Our Constitutional laws upon our elected Republican and Democrat servants, freedom, liberty “of the people, for the people, by the people” from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership."

Now that you've had the chance to read over the description and check out the Operation American Spring event on Facebook it's time for me to cause some butthurt. Please feel free to share your thoughts because once again I believe this, like many other events, was not well thought out.

First, I have a problem with the name "American Spring". Yeah, because we all know how well that "Arab Spring" worked out. Words have meaning and that mean carries more power then we realize. The more I write the more I see the truth in this. To take up the moniker or name of an essentially failed event seems to set one of the path of failure from the get-go. 

Second, by and larger I support the idea of what this concept is about. I strongly believe that there are people on both sides of the aisle that need to step down, be held accountable, and represent the American people (we can debate whether that is the Will of the People or the People voting for the politician to represent based on said politicians beliefs later). The problem here is this: Let us assume that we do get these people to step down. Let us also assume that some will be held accountable. How do you propose this be do? Some Kangaroo Court that already has verdicts set up without the Rule of Law? 

Using this same premise of assuming the politicians would step down, then what? What will be used in place? It has been quoted and rephrased many times over that government is a necessary evil so I ask you what brand of evil shall you replace the current one with? I fully expect responses to everything from personal attacks to restoring the Constitutional Republic that this nation was intended to however you have to think is that possible?

Third, again I have to restate that I do agree with the overall concept of this idea. This next problem I have is with what I like to call your CoD (Call of Duty) Patriots.You train on FTX's? That's great. You have a group of 5 to 10 people you run with? Wonderful! You just got yourself a new AR with all kinds of mods? I'm envious. Really I am. You don't want to wait and you think action needs to be taken now? *insert slamming of the brakes noise* Hold that thought because we have just lost cabin pressure.

The issue here is that hot heads or CoD Patriots are getting to get people incarcerated, hurt, or killed because of a belief the need to do something now. Think this through: You have 10 people you may train with periodically. That is great. But how well do you really think you are going to fair against a trained, professional SWAT team, a squad of battle tested infantry soldiers, or anything else to that effect. Newsflash: This is not some video game where you get to respawn once you've been taken out.

Now before anyone starts saying that I am a traitor to the cause or I am advocating the laying down of your arms or just rolling over and taking whatever comes nothing could be further from the truth. I simply have no interest in entering in to a fight that cannot be won conventionally. I believe all the passion in the world that we have does nothing if we are locked up, immobilized, or worse yet dead. I know that in any of those three situations I am of no value to the service and protection of my family.

As Frontiersmen, many of us joined out of concern for our families. We have growing concerns for the state of affairs of our Republic as well and rightfully so. The oath that we have taken before God and each other to be our Brother's Keeper means to be there in times of need not to go on some suicide mission. Contrary to popular belief there is no glory in death.

Undoubtedly, I have upset, dare I say pissed off, a good number of people at this point. Now allow me to provide an alternative solution. Something that will require more work and dedication then any other endeavor you have taken short of being a half way decent parent:

Start at home.

All politics are local. Yes, Washington controls so much of what goes on through legislative actions, regulations, and executive actions/orders. Yes, we know the names and quotes from the players in DC. But do you know you local mayor? Common council? School board? If you do, do you know what their platforms are? When was the last time you went to a town hall meeting about your own town? Do you even know your own neighbors?

The change the we all want to see has to start at home. This is the nexus point to which all other things spring forth from. From there it spreads to our neighborhoods then to our towns/cities then to our districts and so on and so forth. The battles to be fought are not in Washington but rather must happen at our home fronts through action in the arenas we have all but forgotten about.

Will there every come a time when hostilities may take place? Yes. No. Maybe. I have no idea. My crystal ball does not give me the foresight to glean that path. But until such time happens each of us have an opportunity to effect change on a local level that has the potential to spread to the national level. 

Let us be wise about how we choose to fight least there be none of us left to fight should the time come.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The War Against Men Part I

Perhaps one of the biggest problems that we as a nation and as an overall society have is the breakdown of the family. This is something that I have said for some time and something that anyone can witness should they look around them. The rise of single mothers to children born out of wedlock, the ratchet behavior of parents and those around them to their children (oh there is an Ether in your future), or just go to the Walmart to see the insanity of what passes for family there on any given day (Sorry Walmart, you save me money but for some reason you are a magnet to a number of WTF moments).

So much of what ails our communities and thus our overall society is this breakdown of the family structure and primarily that men have been pushed out of the family. There is a gentleman that I look up to that made a great observation and wrote on a Facebook status regarding this topic. I like to think I am somewhat of a decent wordsmith but I am highly dubious that I could have summed it up better:

"I'm bothered by how many men are seen with their kids on the weekend. Years ago we saw families out together but now it seems to be mothers during the week and fathers on the weekend.

Not that spending time with your kids is bad, but the reality is the majority of them are divorcees with weekend visitation. A common theme these days and a solemn reminder to the erosion of the bedrock of this nation - the family unit.

What house can stand when the foundation crumbles? Surely ours will collapse and how great that crash will be for such a rich and mighty home as this."

Let's think about this. The welfare system does not encourage the men to be at home with the women and children. Should he be there the women risks losing any entitlements. The Family Court systems do little to help the situation with the tilted judgments in child custody cases towards women and the incarceration of men who cannot make child support despite their best efforts in many cases. The lack of accountability of that same child support to ensure it does go to the children. There is the selfishness of the individual that chooses to break up the family rather then work on what needs to be worked on within the home. Then there is popular culture which in effect has a made a parody at best of men in the home.

The idea of what a man is has also been torn apart to the extent where any idea of the classic definition of a man is seen as some type of evolutionary throw back. Aside from the men out of the home, even the men in the home are seen as a joke. Their authority usurped and seen as clueless or absentminded. Doubt me? Feel free to check out almost any sitcom on Nickelodeon. It would almost seem that today's version of what a man is is not longer someone like Ward Clever, John Wayne, or Clint Eastwood but rather Pajama Boy.

It is almost too easy to point fingers at what the source of this is but in truth that is not going to do much. There will be and should be a time for finger pointing if for no other reason to prevent and fight against those that have started our families down this dangerous road. With such a monumental task before us let's all the men reading this get up and look in the mirror and start there.

For those of us in the home, men MUST reaffirm their bonds to their families. Makes themselves indispensable to the family unit. Not just in the financial sense but in the way that each and everyone of us in our families are key to each other. To establish our authority as the Man in the House, not in the role of dominance by force but in the role of dominance of us willing to make the tough choices that benefit our families.

For those of us that are not in the home (personally, I wear both hats), we MUST to fight for the rights that we have as fathers. To be relevant once again to our children and not been seen as an extra wallet to our ex. To teach our sons what it means to be a man and to teach our daughters the ideal of the man they should accept at a bare minimum.

As Men we need to learn to be the example to the world and not the butt of some poorly worded joke.

We hear over and over again from the left about this so-called "War Against Women" but that is little more then unsubstantiated conjecture at its worst. The stark reality of the world we live in today is that there is a War Against Men. And we stand up and retake our rightful places with our families and in society as whole or least we be seen throughout history as the first to fall in this long line of dominoes.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

To Be Our Brother's Keeper

All too often when we see young men of color in the news it is usually in a negative light. Knockout, robberies, murders, drug dealing, take your pick. For the most part when someone acts the fool they sure do deserve the negative spotlight.

However, what happens when young men of color do something good? How often is this shown, reported, or given its proper credit?

The Today show often does a segment from a show called What Would You Do? The premise of the show is that the would set up a situation and take film to see what peoples reactions would be. At times I think they set things up to make people feel uncomfortable for better television but then there are times when things get real and you have to give credit to the people that took action.

Such is the case in the video below:

Often one will here me talk about NIMBY; Not In My Back Yard. For the people that saw this and I would dare say anywhere else, their reaction would be to carry on. It's not their problem, it's not their kid. But as you watched further along in the video the two young men listened and acted according and I think the way they did it was a thing of beauty.

Now, I do not know what their backgrounds are, what they were about, or anything else like that. What I do know is that they took action when all others looked the other way and went about their business. I have no doubt in my mind that they knew intervening would change their day had it been a real situation but that did not deter them. They walked, listened, dropped what they were doing, and almost with an uncanny instinct they moved to surround the man because they were not going to let this little girl get abducted.

There is a phrase that I am very found of as a member of a National Civil Defense Organization called the Frontiersmen and that is "Our Brothers Keeper". What this mean is that I will be there to help those in need when the time arises. It may be at some degree of personal costs but the benefits of what will happen far outweighs any costs that may be incurred.

These young men had the courage to be just that. And this is the challenge that each and everyone of us must take up:

Do we have the courage and integrity to be Our Brothers Keeper and take action when needed?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Your EDC & You

Most people do not think about the items that they carry with them everyday. Even fewer people think about things that they may need on a day to day basis. And for just about everyone there are just some things we do not leave the house without (keys, cellphone, wallet).

For people within the Prepper Community all of these items can be referred to as an EDC or Every Day Carry. If you look online or on YouTube you will find many great resources of EDC's about what to have included, what not to do, or some really great ideas. My contribution to the world of the EDC is that you must make it personal to yourself and your needs.

An individuals Every Day Carry is going to vary depending on the person and according to their needs. I said that one again because I am a fan of redundancies. As you will see in a later image I have redundancies build in to my EDC and that is simply because you never know what you may need (Two is One, One is None). Or you just got tired of hearing yourself say "I wish I had this with me like I did the other day".

One thing that I believe that is important to an EDC is that it is better to over do it then it is wish you had it with you. I have tailored my EDC to my life, which can be odd at times. At the risk of going on a tangent, my life is a bit like a sitcom. The funniest, strangest, and most one-off things that can happen probably will happen in my life. So as such my EDC reflects this as you see below:

What you carry in your EDC in is up to you. I have chosen to use the Red Rock Tactical Sling Bag. It's not too big and has the right amount of space for what I need to take a long with me. Moreover, it has a nice carry conceal pouch on the back and with the adjustable straps it is very comfortable to take just about everywhere.

As to the contents of my EDC there are many things that I take with me on a daily basis because I either use it or I have found myself needing those items. Again, your EDC will vary and it should. It should be tailored to your specific needs. This can be a bit time consuming trying to think things through about what you need, what you might need, or trying to decide if you need certain things. Then there is the costs involved. Remember, WalmartDollar Tree, and your local outdoors sporting goods stores (example Sherpers) is your friend.

And it is OK that you have certain items that you change out. For example, I generally try to carry my personal side arm with me (M&P 22). However, it is not something that I can take everywhere I go. Apparently some places want to be sitting ducks in an active shooter situation.

Bottom line, when it comes to your EDC it is never complete. Your Every Day Carry will continue to be a work in progress as you think of new things you need to keep along with you. Speaking of which there are a few more things I need to get added to mine.

As always: Stay Alert, Stay Prepared.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcoming In 2014

As we are start the countdown to the end of 2013 and begin to welcome in 2014, I sit here tonight and reflect on a few things.

It has been a year of personal ups and downs as it has been for the nation. We can all reflect on our own lives and look at each other and it would be like looking in to a mirror. We can reflect on the state of affairs in our nation and see the strife that has gone on all across the country but just the same see the goodness that has come from people in everyday events.

It is wise of us to look at the past and learn from both the good times and the bad. But it is just as important to look at what the New Year has to offer. 

Unlike a lot of other people I am looking to 2014 with cautious optimism and with a bit of sense of dread. 

A short time back I wrote in a blog about Treasuring Those While You Still Can and I did so because we had received some bad news as a family. To date all is going well but realistically 2014 will be a time of personal loss. As a family we face a great unknown in that economic uncertainty seems to be getting worse by the day. All one needs to do is go grocery shopping and everyone can see it for themselves. 

With that all being said, 2013 and going in to 2014 has brought a great deal of promise. Personally, I have been introduced to many outstanding people and been allowed the privilege to be able to write for some outstanding organizations. If you are reading this you are likely to have gotten here by either Cream City Wisconsin or The Frontiersmen websites. Each of which are sites that promote the values of personal responsibility, preparedness, American Core Values, God, family, and many other great virtues that have made this the greatest nation on Earth. 

There has been something of a Great Awakening with the American populace where more and more people are becoming aware of what is going on around them, not just at home but also around the nation. People are being more involved in their communities trying to make their homes a better place. And still many more are trying to become involved in events that have both a direct and indirect effect on themselves and their families.

So as we enter in to 2014 it is tradition to come up with New Years Resolutions. Here I am compiling a few and welcome you to share yours:

1. I will continue to work to be a Better Man. As the Nexus of my family it is my duty to improve myself each and everyday.
2. I will work to be a better Husband. To be nurturing and loving to the woman that is my Queen because we cannot function as a family if we are not solidified in our Union.
3. I will continue to work at being a better Father. Children are owed to learn all that we know. It is a sacred obligation that we have to teach them these things in order for them to become decent and productive people.
4. I will continue to be more aware of the community around me. All politics is local and I will work harder to make my voice heard in a rational manner to bring some semblance of intelligent conversation.
5. I will work even harder to be my Brothers Keeper. To those that depend on me, those that I have given an oath to, I do not have much but what I have I will do my part to be there for you.
6. To my readers, followers on Twitter & Facebook, I will work even harder to entertain you on my take on the news of the day and welcome your input.
7. To those of opposing views, I will continue to welcome the discord of debate. With a degree of common sense we will find that we have more in common then what we do not. For those that would spit venom and vitriol, that would see harm come to friends, family, and my Nation. I say unto you: Game On. Challenge Accepted. 

With that all being said, I want to wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year. May you all be safe with your families and the New Year bring about the change and the confidence to accept the challenges that the new year is sure to bring. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stand When All Others Kneel

"Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel" - Loki Laufeyson, The Avengers Movie (2012).

For anyone that knows me, they will tell you I love to use quotes from movies to make an analogy on life. Now whether or not the writers meant for my interpretations or not is up to anyone's guess. However, this is how I see it fit in to the world that we live in. 

For a moment, let us reflect back on what Loki in the 2012 movie the Avengers tells the crowd as he makes an attempt at subjugating them.

Now let us explore.

Everyday, we see people that "take the easy way out". It is easier to drop of of school then it is to finish. It is easier to get EBT then to seek out a job. It is easier to live off a system that feeds on your being dependent on it rather then allowing yourself to determine your own fate. It is easier to let mass media determine what makes you "unique" rather then you declaring to the world who you are minus the cookie cutter. It is certainly easier to not look beyond the borders of your own home and do something to make a difference. In other words, it is easier to take the easy way out and "kneel". 

Sadly, the truth is it is so much easier to blame others for ones problems, to get ones sustenance, and/or to sit and complain about the state of affairs of the world rather then doing something about. For some of us, we get caught up in the day to day and it does take a lot of people. For others, we don't even try to understand what is going on around the city we live in much less the world we live in but damn sure feel entitled to everything. And still for many others they would be somewhere in between.

We have seen where "kneeling" (both literally and figuratively) has gotten us. So what can one as a lone person do?

You Stand!

Again, looking back to the video above, we could all take a lesson from the Elder German Gentlemen facing Loki. My interpretation on his actions are as follows: He was a Holocaust survivor. He knew that he did not have a chance against a younger man much less a Demigod such as Loki. Yet he stood. He stood because he knew that someone had to. He made a choice, with the fear that had to accompany that event, to stand tall against a would be tyrant. He stood for what is right.

This is the challenge that all of us must face in today's world. We need to stand up in our local political arenas; because the truth of the matter is that all politics is local and spreads out from there. We need to stand up against the thugs that plague our communities; because people randomly knocking folks out or committing other crimes in our communities will eventually come back to us. We must stand up for our American Values; because if we stay silent too long those values will be nothing more then the stuff of legend. 

Personally and a silly as this may sound, Captain America has always been a hero of mine and continues to be. I realize that as a character he is nothing but a work of fiction but it is what he stands for. If you know the history of Captain America you know he has the advantage of the Super Soldier Serum. The Elder German Gentleman does not have this advantage. 

There is no harm in aspiring to be like Captain America but perhaps we should all start trying to be like the Elder German Gentlemen. As the good Captain is a work of fiction, the Elder in the video is but one example of the hundreds of thousands that have stood in the world of the real against a tyrant. Perhaps we should all start and do the hardest thing there is in today's world of political correctiveness (is that even a word?) and American Taboos and take a stand.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Knock Out: Makes Being the Exception Not the Rule A Must for Minorities

Knockout. It’s been going on for years. We have seen it more and more in the last few weeks. For those of you who do not know what you have is groups of young black men that walk down the street and look for a marker, an unsuspecting victim, and one of them runs up on them and attempts to knock that person out. The goal is not just the knockout but to be what’s called a “One Hitter Quitter”. In other words, knock someone out with one punch.

Now will someone please drop me that Ether Beat?

The more this story brews, the more riled up I get.  Truth be told: I am in full Ether mode. For those of you that do not know what an Ether is here is the short story. Ether is a dis song by Nas against Jay Z. The term Ether was made a verb by YouTube personality and Atlanta talk show host Tommy Sotomayor. In this sense, to Ether someone is to verbally tear them apart so hard that it burns their soul.

No. Put the Ether Beat away. I need to talk about this rationally.

Now as some of you may know this Knockout story has been going on for a few years. According to some stories as long as 4 or 5 years back. It has only in recent weeks come to the forefront as it spreads across the nation and the media has reported on it, and I use the word “reported” loosely. These days the story seems to be that there is no Knockout. Then you have people like this New York City council-woman-elect Laurie Cumbo coming out and saying that Knockout is happen because of Jewish Success. And still others are calling for “Let’s explore why young black youths” are doing this.

Additionally, there are some that are claiming that Knock Out is not something that is exclusive to young black teens but that there are others of various ethnicities and races that are taking part of this “game”. Where? When? Worse yet, there are people that are just out right denying Knock Out. Be it in the form of not even acknowledging it happening all the way to the conspiracy line of thought this is fabricated story meant to take the medias focus off of other issues in our government (The Myth of the Knock Out Game).

Now there are so many angles we could explore this Knock Out phenomenon. And for as many angles as there are each and every one that I am aware of really upsets me. There is the aspect that was brought up by AlfonZo Rachel that this is the product of liberal entitlement (Why the Knock Out Game was Inevitable). There is the payback aspect someone is going to pull a weapon and kill one of the assailants as brought up by Tommy Sotomayor (Title NSFW and Strong Language Used). Then there is the aspect that Earl Hall brought up about the potential for escalated violence against blacks up to and including race riots (a long short but not out of the realm of possibility left unchecked) (Broadcast Date 9-Dec-2013).

I want to bring up a different angle.

As minorities, be it black, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever, for the most part we really have to bust our tails to be taken seriously. From my own personal experience, to be viewed with any level of respect we cannot just been seen as equal to our white counterparts but we have to be better just too seen on equal ground. It is not right but it is a simple fact of life that needs to be acknowledged.

The first things that one person sees of another person are physical attributes and skin color just so happens to be one of them. I recall being at a Wal-Mart when there was an older gentleman that was eyeballing me as if I owed him money. Not really sure what that was about. But what I do know is that at some point someone that looked like me had rubbed him the wrong way. Once you have encountered someone looking at you that way you tend not to forget that look and the why behind.

At that time, I was walking by with my infant son, and I politely excused us as we walked by. But for some reason he struck up a conversation with me. Now I like to fashion myself as someone smarter than the average bear and someone that has a semi-decent speaking ability. As such we talked. And it was a wonderful conversation. Perhaps he struck it up because my son is cute. Perhaps he did so because he wanted to see my reaction. I tend to think it was the cuteness of my boy. But what happened during that conversation was amazing. His entire demeanor changed from that of a defensive posture to that of talking with someone with trust.

We discovered we were both Marine Corps veterans. Each with three children of our own and that we were so happy to exchange stories about. We had the same political leanings, yes we were in the sporting good section.

The point of the story, is that a simple “Excuse me” should have done. There should have been no test. No "Let’s see how this turns out". There should have been no strange looks. The fact of the matter is that when the youth of minorities communities go out and act the fool it makes it that much harder for those of us that want to take care of our own.

Again, we have to work that much harder to not just be on equal ground but that we are not seen as the thugs that are portrayed on YouTube, in the media, or in television and movies. This is what upsets me most. Stereotypes used with wisdom saves lives. People live up to their stereotypes not only make life hell in minority communities but make it that much more difficult to get by in the mainstream of American Society.

They force us to be the exception and not the rule rather than the other way around. And that is damn shameful.